Diary: On the QT ...

You can take Trevor Beattie out of Birmingham but you can't take the Brum out of Beattie. On a recent visit home, the curly-haired one found the Rotunda landmark was about to be turned into luxury apartments.

One of these has apparently become a "must-have" for Beattie ... MT Rainey has been busy since stepping down from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R last year. With part-time jobs galore, she clearly has a lot on her plate.

Which is presumably why she forgot her lunch date with Tim Lindsay at The Ivy last Friday. After 30 minutes, the Publicis UK chairman threw in the napkin and left ... tales of ruthlessness in the adbiz are not confined to the pages of Matt Beaumont's e. Diary has just got wind of a cleaner being sacked by a London agency after being found by the managing director asleep in a cupboard ... tongues are wagging over why Interpublic's Universal McCann chose Vietnam as the location for an annual strategy get-together.

Is it because the best strategy Universal could possibly adopt would be to get in the bunker and aim for survival? Have the bods there forgotten that Vietnam was the location of America's most humiliating military defeat? ... Trivia gurus should put 9 November in their diaries. That's the date of the Nabs Pop Quiz. Tables can be booked on (020) 7292 7330.