Diary: On the QT ...

Jeremy Bullmore's competition to discover the best collective noun for a group of creatives has resulted in joint winners: Andy Troullides, MediaCom UK's managing director, and Alan Docherty, the creative chief at Chiel Communications UK, who came up with "bevvy" and "brood" respectively.

Bullmore says: "In both cases the decision was tipped by the fact that the noun in question, at least phonetically, was already a collective" ... Wigs off to Stephen Groom, a senior partner at the legal outfit Osborne Clarke, for a nifty bit of personal promotion.

In the latest edition of The Marketer, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, his picture appears no fewer than five times ... Is there anything Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R won't do to keep its clients happy? On a recent Marks & Spencer shoot, Will Young was brought along to chat to the client who was a big Will Young fan. He even texted her the next day telling her how much fun the day had been ... The digital agency Grand Union had its own tribute day to Ronnie Barker last week when all staff dressed up as the comedy legend ... Does the St Luke's creative Tim Collins do any advertising? After publishing a dictionary of Bling this summer, his latest venture is a book that helps its readers discover if they're geeks. The tome promises 103 ways to find out.