Diary: On the QT ...

It wouldn't be New Year, without at least one Archibald Ingall Stretton anecdote.

This year, it's a double whammy. Out of all the days in the calendar, the agency picked the night of the Direct Marketing Association awards to hold its Xmas knees-up. But this didn't spoil Steve Stretton's fun. Having raced back after collecting his gong for best copy, the creative partner enjoyed himself so much he had to be forcibly removed from his own party by a bouncer ... Full marks to Duval Guillaume for finding a new way to satisfy those who'd have their agencies working on Christmas Day if they could. Before closing for the holiday, the agency directed its clients to a website complete with virtual marker pens and a DIY guide to creating an ad. Check it out at: www.duvalguillaume-antwerp. be/christmas/pickup.asp? ... Is there no end to the talents of Drew Leavy, DDB London's knowledge specialist?

The part-time actor has been moonlighting in Channel 4's Space Cadets - the hoax in which wannabe astronauts were filmed on what they thought was a space mission ... Diary must caution Paul Hammersley, the frontman for the new agency whose catalyst is Sir Frank Lowe. He has been approached by a production company wanting to do a reality TV show about a start-up. "I'm thinking about it," Hammersley says. Remember St Luke's, Paul.

That should make up your mind pretty fast.