Diary: On the QT ..

Diary understands that sometimes a company wants to make a song and dance about its offer. However, we are utterly confused as to why NTT Communications, a hosting services company, decided the best way of offering lunch to a number of magazines was by having Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne lookalikes do it.

Unfortunately, not only did the lookalikes look nothing like the people they were supposed to, but they came to Campaign on a Friday lunchtime when everyone is lunching with contacts. What were they thinking? ...

Last week, UKTV viewers could watch a rerun of What Not To Wear featuring the i-level founder, Charlie Dobres. Dobres, whose sartorial elegance is a byword in digital circles (remember those shoulder-length locks?), had nominated his sister-in-law for the Trinny and Susannah treatment. The scene for the unveiling of her new look was one of i-level's summer balls, and featured luminaries such as Dare's John Owen skulking around trying to get into the shot ...

Can Shoreditch House above Mother's offices get any swankier? Soho House has looked to the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, for some fixtures and fittings and has nabbed his personal two-lane bowling alley and installed it on the fourth floor. Reports that Mother's five-a-side football team gets Andriy Shevchenko as part of the deal are unconfirmed.