Diary: On the QT..

One of adland's biggest legends needs a legendary send-off, and that is exactly what Christine Walker will be getting on her final day at Walker Media. Her leaving do, which will be held on 5 July, coincides with a summer concert organised by Chiswick House, which includes musical offerings from The Feeling, Lily Allen and Natasha Bedingfield. However, just to give it that Christine Walker edge, the agency has hired a marquee in the grounds "close enough to hear the music, but far enough away to talk" and will be serving up lobster and oysters... The entire Young &Rubicam network got a boost last Friday, when its staff received an unofficial half-day off due to the clumsiness of a worker in the New York office. At around lunchtime, everyone in the network found their computers weren't working because said employee from across the Pond had broken a server and brought the entire global network down... Diary loves to hear about embarrassing episodes, and a great one has filtered into the office. After a meeting with clients, a senior account manager at Leo Burnett was gracefully exiting a cab which contained said clients, when her light summery dress got caught in the door and she displayed, at close range, her newly purchased thong... As well as embarrassing tales, Diary also likes to uncover comedy quotes in press releases - and a corker found its way into Campaign Towers this week. The story concerns Spring Corp, a Scottish digital agency owned by Newhaven, winning some web build business from Shy, a company that produces high-end vibrators. The "toys" can cost up to £150 and are decorated with diamonds. But the quote comes from Sam Roddick of Coco de Mer, the world's most luxurious erotic boutique, according to its website, who says: "Quite frankly, when you spend £150 on shoes and only £10 on your vagina, it doesn't match in terms of sense of importance in your life."