Diary: On the QT ..

Last week's Chiswick House Festival must go down as the most middle class event ever.

Funds raised are being spent on restoring the conservatory at the House and the food available at the Soho House-organised event was lobster and Champagne, rather than the usual music festival rubbish. Those partying along to bands such as the Sugababes and The Feeling included the Grey chief executive, David Patton (who exhibited some dad-esque dance moves), and healthy contingents from Sky and Walker Media, which chose the event to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Christine Walker, who left the agency last summer, joined the festivities and revealed she's gone into property development. Her first acquisition is a house in Tooting, South-West London, which she's converting into flats. Apparently, Lord Saatchi has already contacted Walker about buying a stake in the company, but has been told he can have no more than 20 per cent. Walker will need to be careful not to tread on the toes of the perpetually pregnant Sarah Beeney, who also develops properties in the area ...

Given that times can be hard for start-ups, the Brooklyn Brothers did a good job of scrubbing up their unfinished offices for a launch party last week. However, they should, perhaps, have splashed some cash on some locks for the toilet doors as guests couldn't even hold the door shut as the cubicles were so large ...

Has adland fallen from grace? Well, if the Media Guardian's Top 100 is anything to go by, then perhaps it has. Although Sir Martin managed to claw his way up 30 places to number 13 (unlucky for some?) the likes of Trevor Beattie, Robert Senior and Juan Cabral only made it at number 87, 84 and 81 respectively. Unfortunately, for Beattie and Senior, they were just a short way behind Katie Price (83). But if appearing topless is what it takes to make your way up the chart, Diary would prefer if Beattie and Senior were both non-movers next year.