Diary: On the QT ..

Diary thought it had entered a time warp on Sunday evening when it tuned in to Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire to find the star of the show was none other than Kevin Morley.

Those of ... err ... mature years will remember how adland went apoplectic 17 years ago when, as Rover's managing director, he hijacked the car-maker's £20 million marketing budget and set up his own agency to run it. However, Morley, famous for sporting a Rolex the size of Big Ben, has clearly undergone a Pauline conversion. Now the owner of a five-star Caribbean holiday resort, he reckons corporate life has made him pampered and, with camera crew in tow, set to work as a community project volunteer on Haringey's Northumberland Park estate. And he dished out generous amounts of dosh at the end of it ...

We know adland is having a hard time at present. But we didn't know how bad things had got until we rang the London office of the Havas-owned Arnold Worldwide to check its full postal address. The man on the switchboard duly obliged before asking: "Will you be sending us any money?" Sadly not. You'll just have to keep mailing the begging letters ...

Having his fledgling agency, Creative Orchestra, described as "the new Mother" on an online forum has clearly gone to Chris Arnold's head. The one-time Saatchi & Saatchi creative chose to celebrate by shipping eight tubs of anti-ageing cream over to the leading creatives at Mother as an early Mother's Day present. Well, the boys from Shoreditch have just hit their 13th year. Meanwhile, Arnold and his team found Transport for London tolerant when they turned the carriage of a Circle Line Tube train into a "creative lounge", complete with carpet and a desk, for half a day and invited commuters to join them. Astonishingly, they were neither challenged nor thrown off. But they did get a stiff e-mail from TfL about having its logo messed about with.