Diary: On the QT ..

Oh dear. Trevor Robinson's newly awarded OBE seems to have gone to his head. The announcement from Quiet Storm says that, from now on, its creative director "will only communicate through his manservant"... The folk at Conde Nast have a scarlet woman in their midst, but, unfortunately, none of the staff know who she is. The GQ editor, Dylan Jones, recently invited female staff to try penning a diary-style blog detailing the ups and downs of their sex lives for GQ.com. One of them is now revealing her exploits in "Jezebel's Diary" on the website. She remains anonymous to all but Jones himself. Could it be Jones in disguise? We hope not - though, if he were to own up, the title "Dylan Jones' Diary" has a nice ring to it... The name D&AD doesn't seem to cause too many problems for those inside the industry and nor should it - it's four characters long, for Pete's sake. But it proved anything but simple even for someone as well-versed in reading lines as the renowned thespian Richard E Grant, who struggled to get his tongue around the title when hosting the awards last week. Although, seeing as Grant's character couldn't say Argos properly in the ads, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock... Diary couldn't help noticing a vastly increased attendance among adland's male contingent at last week's Wacl do. It couldn't have been anything to do with the guest speaker, Elle Macpherson, Diary's sure. The glamorous model spoke about building her brand, but the biggest revelation came when Macpherson told the audience her age (45), prompting a collective intake of admiring breath... Correction: Last week, Diary attributed its Turkey, an ad for Brothers Cider, to an agency called Driven. The ad was actually created by Contagious. Diary would like to apologise to Driven, which has recently produced an ad for Vimto.