Diary: On the QT ..

Even though last week's appointment of Robert Harwood-Matthews as the chief executive of the TBWA\UK Group came as a massive surprise to pretty much everyone in the business, Badger, as he's known, has obviously been in the loop for some time.

So he's had time to think of a suitable celebration to mark his homecoming. And that has been to get a new tattoo that says "action is elegance" ...

Colin Kennedy, the new editor of FHM who was drafted in to turn around the lads' mag's fortunes, has had to engage in an embarrassing climbdown of late. After his appointment, Kennedy decided to shake things up a bit and introduced new features. But it turns out that FHM's readers just don't like change and the mag's new look isn't really doing it for the lads. So much so that one sent a letter entitled "Lots wrong with FHM", to which the editor responded that the changes he introduced were like the "exotic specials on a takeaway menu" - they seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the morning you remember why you should stick to your usual order. Kennedy has promised to drop his changes and go back to the way things were. Diary wonders if that includes the mag's drop-off in sales? ...

Forget The X Factor. Forget Strictly Come Dancing. The event that has really gripped the nation over the past few weeks is the "Beta Blog Bonanza" competition held by the guys over at Campbell Lace Beta. Having promised its loyal band of followers that it would award £1,000 to the person (or persons) who posted the most humorous or insightful comment on their CampaignLive blog during October, it was Nat and Lol, another of CampaignLive's bloggers, who emerged victorious. Their success was thanks to their very funny cartoon videos of discussions between the agency's founders Robert Campbell and Garry Lace. To view the winning entry, visit www.campaignlive.co.uk.