Diary: On the QT ..

Diary hears that Fernando Torres' niggling groin strain isn't just buggering up Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez's team selection.

The Liverpool striker's incapacity put the skids under a commercial shoot for a well-known snack brand (we've yet to learn which one). According to an insider, a helicopter was put on standby to bring Torres South to film the spot and whisk him back again. Torres' people declined. Even an offer by the brand's agency to provide a famous comedian to keep him amused on the flight failed to change their minds. Next the agency tried to reschedule the shoot for Liverpool and put £150,000 worth of crew at the ready. All to no avail when the Torres team said their man couldn't do the shoot until his injury had cleared up ...

Sorry ladies, but the man Campaign has frequently labelled "adland's most eligible bachelor" has only gone and taken himself off the market. Congratulations to Delaney Lund Knox Warren's Tom Knox on his engagement, which leaves a rather attractive eligible bachelor-shaped vacancy to be filled ...

We're sorry to tell you that we are unable to bring you pictures of Rick Bendel being covered in an extremely sticky and unpleasant substance. This will doubtless come as a huge disappointment to Publicis.You may recall that the agency was pissed off to an extreme degree in 2007 when its one-time chief operating officer turned Asda marketing chief moved the £44 million account out of Baker Street and into Fallon.

But it looked as though rough justice was to be meted out when Asda announced that Bendel was prepared to be gunged to raise money for Children In Need. Asda even sent us a mocked-up photograph of a "gunged" Bendel. Alas, the £10,000 necessary to get him into the gunge tank didn't materialise and a couple of Bendel's minions ended up flushing the goo off their pinstripes instead.