DIARY: Quite Frankly, writing is a holiday for Burke

While most people may spend three weeks lying on a beach, Paul

Burke, a copywriter at BMP DDB, effortlessly knocked out a novel.

Burke's book, Father Frank, is about a Catholic priest who drives a taxi

to raise funds - but whose almighty secret is that he doesn't believe in


The heroine of the book is an account director, but while some of the

other characters are based on BMP staff and clients, rest assured Burke

won't be naming names.

So does this mean Burke is leaving the business? "I'm absolutely not

going to give up advertising," he says. "I did the book as a hobby." But

Burke clearly has a particular hobby horse he likes to ride.

"Writing has never been bigger, but there's none in advertising any


Our business is behind, as usual." Er, aren't advertising bods supposed

to be opinion leaders? "I'm not on the cutting edge," he guffaws. "And

neither are any of my colleagues."

Indeed, the only way Burke could get any writing out was to sit down and

pen a book himself. Tsk, if you want a job done properly ...