DIARY: RAB odd couple Noble & Silver's 'unorthodox' take on Aerial Awards

Awards ceremonies can be rather trying affairs - it all depends on how funny the comperes are.

Take last week's Aerial Awards, for example. With Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry, Angus Deayton, Bob Monkhouse and Bobby Davro too busy or too expensive, the Radio Advertising Bureau decided to entrust the untested comedy duo of Noble & Silver with the task of hosting the show.

At the pre-show reception, various RAB employees who had been privy to rehearsals were seen looking slightly nervous and edgy. It soon became clear why.

The duo opened proceedings in unorthodox fashion, announcing cdp-travissully as the winner of the best campaign, then walking into the audience to present the award. A few minutes later, the leisure category was introduced by a video featuring a naked couple forming the beast with two backs.

The audience was then treated to a stream of oddities, including a scantily clad woman on a bike, a video of a man having sex with a cat, a eulogy to a dead dog and a musical tribute to FMCGs.

The show reached a fitting climax when Nick Worthington from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO was presented with the gold award by a naked man on a smoke-filled stage to a chorus of The Carpenters' Close to You.

The RAB has reportedly signed up Ozzy Osbourne and John Leslie as next year's presenters.