DIARY: Racy BDDH staff do a bit of 'office bonding' in the name of charity

Bunny boilers and Milk Tray men were out in force last week at

Partners BDDH, which celebrated Christian Aid Week by getting staff to

pay the princely sum of pounds 5 to woo a lucky target.

While certain men showered the objects of their affections with

chocolate and Champagne (yawn, how original), one filthy female planner

penned a short story for her betrothed: "If you were kind, you'd call it

erotic writing. Others called it porn," one blushing observer shuddered.

However, we hear the man who received it said it was the best week of

his life.

(A tip here - get out more).

A certain Paul Blockey won hearts with his imaginative idea of making

his lady's office into an Alice in Wonderland set. "Drink me!" implored

the labels on the bottles scattered around the room.

And Matthew Anderson scored brownie points after coming in early to

litter the whole agency floor with bits of screwed up paper. "Kate, my

life is rubbish without you", they all mourned - clearly with less

concern for the world's rainforests.

There was more bite to Steve Nicholls' wooing, though. Nicholls, who'd

been to the dentist the same week to get a wisdom tooth removed, stuck

said molar onto a piece of paper, declaring "I'd give my eye tooth for

you." Lucky girl.

Everything from pizzas and flowers to cold pints of beer were delivered

to lucky wooees - but whoever hung the blow-up doll from the rafters in

the library to highlight their plight if spurned has clearly watched too

many episodes of Frost.

And the agency showed it was following the shinnanegans of the

forthcoming General Election by holding its own lipstick election.

Masochistic staff parted with their hard-earned cash to vote which lucky

management bod would suffer the humiliation of donning a dress and

make-up for a day. Mr Toaldo, we think you'll look stunning in your

black ensemble.