Diary: Rapier business cards sent out new drugs alert

Just what do you need on your business card? Name? Check. Job title? Check. Telephone number? Check. Admission to substance abuse? Perhaps not. Unless you work at Rapier, that is.

At the beginning of the year, the agency had a bit of a rebrand, and to show just how much they loved data, it decided to ask a number of probing questions of its staff, to get some exciting stats to print on the back of its new business cards.

Somewhere down the line, however, a slight (read enormous) error of judgment was made in the questions they were putting. Among some amusing, yet harmless, questions such as "Have you ever had a fling with someone you work with?" was the rather more probing: "Have you ever done class As?"

Discovering that 35 per cent of your workforce had dabbled in some casual narcotics use would probably be something that most agencies would want to sweep under the carpet, yet somehow that stat made the cut, and was printed on the back of a number of business cards. Maybe they felt it was a commendably low figure?

Unsurprisingly, the agency's COI client took umbrage with staff at one of their agencies admitting to imbibing illegal drugs and insisted that Rapier recalled the business cards.