DIARY: Rapier director needs a new-biz driving test

We've heard of not biting the hand that feeds you but Ben Stephens, the managing director of Rapier, clearly hasn't, as he proved by almost slaying the glamorous and influential Suki Thompson of The Haystack Group.

It transpires that Stephens, who has had a fair bit of business out of Thompson after winning a chunk of the coveted AA account, is still a bit rusty behind the wheel after finishing a 12-month driving ban (the offence relating to the downing of one too many libations before being caught pie-eyed behind the wheel by the crafty dibble).

After a year of waiting tirelessly for dodgy mini-cabs, Stephens was enjoying his first day back in the driver's seat of his trusty Mini when disaster almost struck. A sober Stephens took his eye off the road for a minute (to fiddle with the radio, we are assured), only for Thompson to appear just yards in front of him.

Stephens' car careered towards her but disaster was averted with a hasty emergency stop. Although a shaken Thompson was comforted by the hapless Stephens, we can assume a crack at the British Gas below-the-line business is now out of the question.