Diary: There really is more to cakes than Skoda parts

Dare staff really got to have their cake and eat it last week, when the agency embarked on its annual "bake-off" competition, which saw 50 of its employees fight it out for the coveted title of "Best Bake-off Champion of Champions".

To qualify, entrants had to adhere to some strict rules, including "make it, don't fake it", aimed at those who may have been tempted to visit M&S for a slice of the action.

There was also a "no vote = no eat" rule, which ensured that all of those sampling the delectable offerings had to try every single one of the cakes, quiches, eclairs and freshly baked breads on display before casting their vote, based on taste, texture and aesthetics.

Needless to say, a few green faces emerged from the competition. And who was responsible for the belly aches? None other than the agency's managing director, Lee Wright, who produced a cake that was more wet sponge than Victoria sponge.

But this was no pie-in-the-sky competition, and after hours of stomach-busting deliberations, Nathan McKean, showed that winning the top prize was a piece of cake, after his wickedly chocolatey offering got the agency's taste buds going. The real brownie points, however, went to Mark Evans, who picked up a special prize for his particularly "on brand" cake adorned with the agency's logo.

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