Diary: Red (carpet) snapper

Who would have thought that Trinity Mirror's policy of getting journalists to take their own photos, as part of cost-cutting at its Local World arm, would extend to its non-executive directors?

Bafta 2016: a shot from Hatch’s Facebook feed
Bafta 2016: a shot from Hatch’s Facebook feed

Steve Hatch, the erudite regional director of Facebook UK and Ireland and a non-executive director at Trinity Mirror since October last year, was tirelessly working from the Bafta red carpet on Sunday night, as his Facebook feed full of live videos of Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender and Dakota Johnson will attest.

Hunky story

Diary recently dispelled the rumour that David Bowie had worked in the post room at J Walter Thompson London. Here’s the story behind the story. The rumour began some years ago with the JWT executive partner Joe Petyan, who joked about Bowie once working there to colleagues – forgetting that, as the head of an agency he has been at for nearly 20 years, his word carries weight. Petyan realised his joke had got out of hand when Bob Jeffrey, the former JWT global chairman, e-mailed him a video that was to be shown to staff around the world – it was chock-full of Bowie references.

The Google doodler

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee failed to land many blows at last week’s hearing on tax avoidance. Google’s EMEA chief, Matt Brittin, squirmed at the start when he was asked about how much he earned but most of the other questions did not prove so taxing. So much so that Peter Barron, the tech giant’s spin doctor, who was sitting in the front row of the public gallery, was spotted filling a whole page of his notebook with doodles of spirals.

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Social photos of the week, 19 February, 2016

Paul Frampton took this before being told to stop filming by Will.i.am himself, who was concerned about people stealing his genius.

More shenanigans from Woo Week – this time at Proximity London.

Who doesn’t like to see their name in lights? Matt Hill and Lindsey Clay certainly do.

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