Diary: Red-letter day arrives for Clemmow Hornby Inge

Once again, Diary feels it is duty- bound to play whistleblower for the spelling police, after stumbling across the shocking news that one of London's most successful agencies can't even spell its own name correctly.

In the past, Diary has taken upon itself the unenviable but all-too necessary task of naming and shaming those bungling agencies that commit crimes against the English language.

Two of the companies successfully condemned in recent times include Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, for spelling "nonentity" with an extra "I" in a Pepsi ad (so it read "nonenitity"), and Ogilvy Advertising, which used "licenced" instead of "licensed" in a strapline for a Ford ad supporting the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale.

However, this time the crime is so outrageous that surely the only suitable punishment can be public humiliation.

When James Hamilton received a letter from the successful and well-respected agency Clemmow Hornby Inge, an eagle-eyed Diary spy spotted an error on the stamp left by the company's franking machine.

Apparently, if he received the letter erroneously, he was to return it to "Clenmow Hornby Inge". Ooh, the embarrassment.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell just how many of these letters went out, and just how many of these mistakes were noticed, but one thing is for sure, it certainly makes the agency look stupid.

Take 'em away, boys.