DIARY: A refreshing view of women's private bits

This will be a familiar problem for agencies setting up focus

groups to research those more "intimate" products. Just what do you

call, well, um, you know - private parts?

Young and middle-aged women gathered for research groups for the first

above-the-line campaign for Carter Wallace's Femfresh feminine wipes and

struggled for words.

"Front bottom" was out there in, well, front, and "private parts" was

seen as a safe bet. One of the ladies opted for "oofah doofah" but all

decided they didn't want to be embarrassed by the ads when out with

their families.

So the agency Parker Hunt came up with the subtle "Breath of fresh air"

strapline, which showed a lady walking along the beach with the wind

blowing up her skirt.

Still, the buyers at Carat, which planned the campaign, don't beat

around the bush (if you'll forgive the pun) - they call them fanny