Diary: Relive CDP's glory days

London is going to be experiencing something of a retro advertising revival this month, thanks to Collett Dickenson Pearce. The agency is resurrecting some of its back catalogue in the run-up to next month's reunion celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Crosstrack sites and escalator panels across London will be carrying the ads - including the Fiat "handbuilt by robots" commercial and the Cinzano spots starring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins - to publicise the event taking place on 15 April.

So how did they wangle all that media space? Fortunately for CDP, its former media department secretary, Annie Rickard, has climbed the ladder to the lofty heights of Posterscope chief executive.

Unfortunately, Rickard was unable to get round the tobacco ads ban, so there'll be no reappearance of the "happiness is a cigar called Hamlet" campaign or the Benson & Hedges work.