Diary: Respite for Golding after Nabs Week of seduction

Instead of being good fun and a great way to raise money for charity, Nabs Week has been a bit of an ordeal for David Golding, the shy planning director at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe /Y&R.

After the agency decided to raise money by holding a "woo-week" (explanation later), Golding found himself the extremely public target of the company's all-singing, all-dancing receptionist as she tried her best to win his heart and affections with a barrage of famous songs, sung in full costume, in very public staff meetings.

On Tuesday, Gillian McCafferty dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and sang I Wanna Be Loved by You. Wednesday's treat was a rendition of Shirley Bassey's Big Spender in front of 100 people at an agency meeting. Thursday was Last Christmas, complete with fake snow, and Friday brought fishnets, a blonde wig and a version of Olivia Newton John's You're the One That I Want.

For those unsure what woo-week is, Helen Kimber, the new-business manager at RKCR/Y&R, explains. "There are three envelopes - one with the girls' names in, one with the boys' names in and one for the money to go in.

All we had to do was pay a measly £2, pick a name out of the preferred envelope and then set to work on secretly wooing that person during Nabs Week."