Diary: Rivals fight for business as Profero celebrates

London's Bloomsbury Ballrooms was bustling with digital talent last week as Profero bid itself a happy tenth birthday.

Generosity (and Champagne) flowed in abundance as more than 500 guests, including founders, staff, clients, friends, press and associates, rocked up for merriment courtesy of the Arnold brothers, Wayne and Daryl.

Lean Mean Fighting Machine and Dare were among the rival agencies seen laying down their arms and sharing a drink to mark their competitor's milestone.

Of course, with lucrative clients all over the place, many couldn't help abiding by the old adage: "business is business".

They included Simon Burgess from Unique Digital, who Diary spotted flashing business cards all over the gaff and treating the night like the new-business equivalent of Supermarket Sweep.

Don't expect account reviews anytime soon, though. With the amount of booze consumed all night, any prospecting, or wheeling-and-dealing that was done, stood no chance of being remembered.