DIARY: Rolls Royce's road test gets hijacked by Robin Wight's back-page bid

If you're lucky enough to run a large advertising agency, then there are all sorts of ways you can get into a rag such as Campaign. You could hire someone famous. Better still, you could fire someone famous. You could resign and then announce your intentions to launch the start-up the world's been waiting for. Hell, you could even win something.

But if all else fails (and it often does), you can always pull some hairbrained stunt, cross your fingers and hope that your story magically appears on the back pages.

This week seems to be the turn of everyone's favourite eccentric, Robin Wight.

It all started when Autocar happened to be road-testing the new £250,000 Rolls Royce in Golden Square. When the car pulled up outside No. 5, the temptation to get involved was more than our Robin could handle.

Before you could say "Jesus, who's that crazy bloke in the green suit?", Wight had appeared from nowhere and accosted the journalist, explaining to him that WCRS had done BMW's advertising for the past 23 years. He also pointed out that it had created the "shaken not stirred" ad in which a martini was placed on the BMW six-cylinder engine to prove how little the car vibrated.

For reasons known only to him, the journalist decided to recreate the ad using the Rolls Royce. There then ensued a mad scramble as the WCRS offices were turned upside down in the search for a martini glass and a green olive (in the end, they compromised with a black one).

Once said items were located, the experiment was carried out and, would you Adam & Eve it, neither the glass, drink nor olive shook. Needless to say, everyone went home well pleased with their day's work.

Next week, an agency chief executive is found juggling sticky buns with his pants down for the benefit of bemused onlookers.