Diary: For Ron Collins, it's like the 80s never went away

It's taken as read these days that adland is a much more restrained place in comparison with the showy excess of the late 80s.

However, for those who haven't worked in the industry for a while, the economic factors that now grip adland can pass them by. And Ron Collins, the "C" in WCRS, certainly seems to be one of those people.

Last week, the agency celebrated its 30th birthday with a lovely lunch due to be attended by all four founders.

Andrew Rutherford, the "R" in WCRS, made it - as did Peter Scott and Robin Wight, both still very much active in the WCRS camp. Collins, however, was a no show. On the day of the lunch, he called the agency just to make sure it was still on, and to find out what time a nice comfy car was coming to pick him up from his house. In Bristol.

With the weight of the downturn weighing heavy, the other WCRS founders were sadly forced to decline his request.

However, by the look of the pictures that came from the celebration, it doesn't really look like he missed too much.