Diary: Rooftop rumpy-pumpy brightens up footie final

Every once in a while, the advertising industry creates something that causes a huge stir in its ranks, and reignites the fire of creativity within everyone it touches - think Sony's "balls" or Honda's "grrr".

For the past week or so, adland has been all of a flutter watching a 30-second film which has surfaced and is causing just as much, if not more, of a jaw-dropping commotion than "balls" ever did.

However, there are a few major differences. This particular piece of film-making is not a multimillion- pound masterpiece, that was helmed by an A-list director from Hollywood, and spent six weeks of its life in post-production.

Instead, this little production is a shaky-handed home video, filmed from the window of MJZ during last week's Uefa Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. It shows a couple indulging in a furious, but ultimately speedy, act of outdoor coitus on a nearby rooftop.

However, Diary believes the speed at which the film was passed from paw to paw is tellingly indicative of what sort of work excites the average adlander. Has MJZ ever previously created anything that has been given so much attention?