DIARY: Royals rule as 'Fergie and Dy' cause a buzz as BMP DDB creatives

It seems the industry's creative departments are awash with

characters. But forget identical twins, such as Ben and Cameron Short at

TBWA/London. And we've moved on from literati like the Bronte sisters,

Jo Webb and Jayne Marar, at HHCL & Partners. That's old news now.

Yes, the latest accessory in creative departments this season is


Take it from BMP DDB, who can usually be relied upon to lead the


It has bought itself into a bit of blue blood by hiring a duo, Feargal

Balance and Dylan Harrison, who have earned the nickname of Fergie and


Fresh from a D&AD course, from where they won a placement at BMP as a

prize, the royal pair are not your usual fledgling creatives. Harrison,

who was named after Bob Dylan, was briefly a stand-up comedian before

becoming a lawyer, from which he understandably 'ran screaming'.

'I felt the need to hire them,' says the aspirational Larry Barker,

BMP's creative director, indicating a hankering after a bit of blue

blood to add an extra dimension to his creative department.