Diary: RPM as right as rain after flood-fighting heroics

The experiential marketing agency RPM wasn't exactly singing in the rain last week, after it was badly hit by floods.

While many Soho agencies didn't experience so much as a dripping ceiling, staff at the Shepherds Bush-based shop all had to muck in and bail out the basement of their offices, which took on about a foot of rainwater.

After rolling up their sleeves and hitching up their trendy ripped jeans, the workforce formed a production line of buckets to shift the water up the basement stairs and on to the street.

Having completed the job, the employees then decided to spread the love and do the same for their next-door-neighbour's shop.

After clearing up, the team of hungry helpers went next door to pick up some snacks. However, despite all their efforts, the shopkeeper wasn't even prepared to let them off 35p for a bag of crisps.