Diary: RSCG's Cadman stands tall with just a bit of help

And so to the subject consuming more agency time than the Nokia, eBay and Ikea pitches combined. Namely, what is Mark Cadman standing on in his latest official portrait? For those who haven't met him, the petite Euro RSCG London chief executive is typically dwarfed by the 6'4" chief strategic officer, Russ Lidstone.

One reader offers: "Lidstone's strategic deck for the 3 pitch." "Gerry Moira's shoulders" is also suggested, as are "a box of Garry Lace's shelf wobblers", "Matthew Bull's ego", and "his own contract".

Showing he's game for a laugh, Cadman himself wades in to the debate. Reprising his occasional "Del Boy" impression (dress him and Lidstone in a camel coat and a camouflage jacket and the pair bear a passing resemblance to Peckham's famous siblings), he says: "I was standing on my Robin Reliant. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of retouching these days."

Ed Morris, the Lowe London executive creative director and a former colleague of Cadman's, has the last word. His suggestion was: "Ben Langdon's coffin." Brilliant stuff. Keep them coming in.