Diary: Ryan announces to the world ... I'm not retiring

A bizarre turn of phrase from Brendan Ryan, FCB's former worldwide boss, in a round-robin announcing his new e-mail address. "The cow has left the barn," he declares.

Does this mean that the industry veteran who likes nothing better than to chew the cud is being put out to pasture?

Apparently not. "You're talking to 'Mr I'm so crap with my computer that I thought somebody else was doing it'," he says. "I'm not retiring, and I'm still heavily involved in the Biersdorf and Kraft Foods business at DraftFCB."

Seeing as he hasn't thrown in the towel just yet, perhaps in his remaining years Ryan should remind himself how to use the Bcc function: his e-mail revealed the e-mail contacts for just about every ad veteran in town.

It might also be an idea to update his address book. "I've had some nice calls from people I've not spoken to in years," he says. "Some others turn out to be dead."