Diary: How Saatchi helped 'bugger up Britain'

Quentin Letts, the Daily Mail's Parliamentary sketch writer, has unleashed a barrage of abuse at a number of Brits, including Charles Saatchi, in a new book entitled 50 People Who Have Buggered Up Britain.

As the title suggests, it's a list of people who have revolutionised not only the face of the country, but also culture itself - but for the worse, in the small mind of Letts.

Saatchi makes the list at number seven, just two places behind Princess Diana, with Letts accusing the advertising luminary of "doing more to foul up Britain than Saddam Hussein managed before he went swinging from his gibbet".

He also blames Saatchi for the UK losing its idea of beauty because of his championing of modern art. What a surprise. Letts moaning about something modern - who'd have thought?

Also on the list is Stephen Marks, the man responsible for the FCUK French Connection logo that emblazoned clothes for years. Letts blames him for encouraging a generation of Britons to think lightly about foul language.

Despite the small-minded pettiness of the book, Diary has to agree that Letts is at least right in having Tim Westwood, the bishop's son and irritating hip-hop DJ whose trousers are the only thing of his bigger than his mouth, in the list.