Diary: This Saatchi lookalike is Virgin on the ridiculous

The one question that everyone has been asking is finally answered and put to bed in this issue of Campaign. Is the overawed traveller featured at the end of Virgin Atlantic's "still red hot" TV ad meant to look like Maurice Saatchi?

And, if so, is somebody having a private joke at the expense of the man whose agency turned British Airways - Virgin Atlantic's deadly rival - into the World's Favourite Airline?

The Saatchi doppelganger, with his large-framed glasses and bouffant hair-do, broad shoulders and stylish tailoring, certainly looks the part.

The very epitome of early 80s chic, in fact. But didn't everyone of a certain age look like Saatchi in the 80s? It's a tough one to call.

So Diary asked Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, which created the ad to celebrate Virgin Atlantic's 25th anniversary, to set the record straight. Mark Roalfe, the agency's chairman, denies any urine was being extracted: "It is just one of those happy coincidences."

So there you go. Next.