Diary: Saatchis faces wimp slur over hired security force

Well it was all very exciting last week, wasn't it? If you believe the newspapers, when the G20 came to town, London was over-run by a stampede of hippies from all over the country, hurling televisions through office windows and attacking anyone in a suit.

It seemed that the advertising industry managed to get all caught up in the furore of the protests too.

But it wasn't an ad agency based in the City that had become all nervous about the possibility of pieces of electrical equipment flying through their front windows, but Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency based in that well-known financial district of Charlotte Street.

In fear of being attacked, the agency hired a posse of security guards to stand outside the door, protecting the building from those nasty anti-capitalism protesters.

But as the day wore on and nothing materialised, the bouncers just stood there looking more and more bored.

And what about the other agencies, particularly those based nearer to the City? Well, it seemed to be pretty much business as usual.

"The whole thing turned out to be a completely damp squib," one agency insider much closer to the front line said.

"At around 4.30 on the Wednesday afternoon, I saw a couple of lost-looking spotty teenagers with a CND placard, but that was it. It seems that, as usual, Saatchis were just being utter wimps."