Diary: Saatchis' lucky workers reach a state of nirvana

Saatchi & Saatchi never misses a chance to buff up its PR. But the piece in The Times last week was highly burnished even by Charlotte Street standards.

If the feature in the paper's Workspace section is to be believed, then anybody favoured with a job at Saatchis these days must think they've died and gone to heaven. "Employees talk about 'inspirational dreams' and fostering the 'spirit' of the organisation with no trace of irony.

It may sound cheesy, but it works," the awestruck Thunderer gushes.

And who is the happiest bunny in the place? It has to be Emma Quartley, an account manager who can't contain her euphoria.

"Asked to describe how she gets on with colleagues, she is amused at the use of the word. They aren't colleagues - they are friends," the paper declares. As for working through the night and at weekends, well, it's absolute bliss. "No-one minds the hours, apparently, although they don't get paid overtime." Wow! Gissajob.

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