Diary: Saatchis shows its safe side in TV documentary

Oh God, we thought, when we saw Saatchi & Saatchi was about to star in a BBC documentary. Not another St Luke's ...

But our cringes were saved.

Inside Saatchi & Saatchi, a film detailing the agency's launch of a Brazilian hooch, made advertising look more like accounting.

Where were the tantrums? Surely the BBC's hatchet wasn't dulled in the cutting room? A quick call to Saatchis to applaud its PR coup reveals a slightly less-than-orthodox relationship between the agency and the Corporation - not only was the idea for the film pitched to the BBC by Saatchis, it also managed to negotiate a courtesy visit to the edit suite and a contract allowing cuts to "commercially damaging" material. The BBC assures Diary none were required; we can only assume that the absence of any St Luke's moments from the final cut was a lucky accident.