DIARY: Sampson takes swing at an old ITV tradition

The times they are a changin' at ITV. If you believe the words of its new sales chiefs, Graham Duff and Gary Digby, that is.

The hiring of the Radio Advertising Bureau's Mr Case Study (aka Justin Sampson) seemed to reinforce the message that days are numbered for red-faced loafers with golf handicaps on a par with their IQ; they are to be replaced by a serious new breed.

Sampson's weapons in marketing ITV might be the flipchart and his beloved Compaq PDA but he's clearly not averse to continuing some long-standing ITV traditions. Since he landed a job there, spies have seen Sampson brushing up on his club skills at the London Golf Centre in south-west London.

Sampson, however, says that his golf lessons started long before landing the ITV job, as a way to unwind after work. "I can't say I'm very good," he admits.