DIARY: Sartorial liberties fine in Permissive Society

As if being the head honcho of media affairs at ISBA wasn't hairy enough, Bob Wootton has taken a second job - as a session guitarist with the improbably named retro loon pant-clad rockers Mike Fab Gere and the Permissive Society.

The colourful Wootton can now escape the pin-striped confines of his Mayfair-based offices to get dressed up in stylish gladrags and strum along with the rest of Mr Fab Gere's entourage, which includes a former Deep Purple rocker as well as Tom Jones' guitarist.

After a couple of warm-up gigs inoffensively attired in black, Wootton is now reported to be striding around the stage in a pair of maroon flares, a dubious brown shirt and a pair of knee-length python-effect stack heels, topped off with the ubiquitous silly wig. It all makes for the perfect job interview look, as Wootton is rumoured to be air-guitaring around Whitehall in a bid for the top job at COI Communications.

Carol Fisher lookalike aside, Wootton confesses that his new garb hasn't got the groupie girls flinging their pants in his direction. "I look more like something out of Captain Pugwash," he laments. "But I have achieved my fantasy."