Diary: Sartorial standards are slipping: ties are old hat

It's official. The wearing of ties in adland is now a fashion faux pas. Even old-style account men leave them in the closet.

And with the impending retirements of Malcolm Earnshaw and Andrew Brown as the respective heads of ISBA and the Advertising Association, the business will wave goodbye to the last of the tienosauruses.

At meetings of the IPA Council, where ties were once de rigueur, they have become as common as snowflakes in August.

Which is why the IPA found itself in a bit of a spot when, after a summer party for IPA Fellows, a letter arrived which floated the idea of a Fellows' tie.

"It put us between a rock and a hard place," an IPA manager says. "Ties may be out, but we didn't want to offend anybody."

So, in the interests of democracy, the 250 Fellows have been canvassed. The result? Not all the responses are in yet, but it looks like a resounding thumbs-down.

"It was not exactly a surprise," Diary's man at Belgrave Square admits. "The tie looked like the kind of thing you'd wear at Lord's."