DIARY: Saville streets ahead of other adland stars

How do you define the best creative brains in Britain? You might

think that trying to name the cream of the crop could open a rather

large can of worms in an industry famous for its fragile egos.

But the Financial Times has undertaken the task, with the criteria being

the combination of "creative flair and business acumen". Robert

"pace-setter" Saville makes the highest advertising entry - in at number


The Mother ship sits three steps ahead of advertising's most famous

bean-counter, WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell.

Ridley Scott, the director, also scrapes into the top ten, with Chime

Communications' Tim Bell at number 20.

But what's this? Shock! The ad industry's wunderkind, Trevor Beattie, is

not to be found at the top of the tree.

Instead, the fcuk creator is down at 28. John Hegarty weighs in at 32,

while Charles and Maurice Saatchi are conspicuous by their absence.

Still, Clemmow Hornby Inge's Young Turk, Johnny Hornby, is billed as one

to watch - rightly so, if his sterling efforts in the new-business front

(see last week's Diary) are anything to go by.