DIARY: Seddon gets two-week break, thanks to SARS

Don't get us wrong. No-one at Campaign likes the idea of SARS, the super bug sweeping through South East Asia. But to rewrite an old saying: one man's poison is another's excuse to doss about in his living room for two weeks.

The man in question is Mediaedge:cia's finance director, Nigel Seddon, who, upon returning from Hong Kong, was displaying absolutely no symptoms of the killer flu whatsoever. But Mediaedge wasn't taking any chances.

A company edict dictated that Seddon was to be put into quarantine, just in case.

So, having already tasted the delights of the Far East, Seddon was further rewarded with two weeks of relaxation in his own home - no early mornings, no tube journeys, no radiation from ill-maintained computer monitors.

Anyone know the Cantonese for lucky bastard?