Diary: This shower will really make you more creative

Regular Diary readers will know we're never cynical. There's never any pouring of cold water on offbeat ideas by us. So roll the drums while we bring you the secret of great creativity - showering at work.

And who has made this breakthrough? None other than the toilers at that cradle of creativity, the Home agency in Leeds.

They've been taking part in a survey (conducted, surprisingly enough, by Mira Showers) claiming to show that those taking a shower break during their working day are 42 per cent more productive and a third more creative.

Ian Buttle, Home's creative director, is so convinced by the benefits of a regular drenching that he's encouraging his people to "showerstorm" (whatever that means) before big pitches and meetings whenever they can.

Sam Walsh, a Home staffer whose skin must resemble that of a prune, claims to be a true convert. "I found that showering gave me some peace and quiet," he says.

"Being away from the ringing phones in the office was great for mulling over ideas. I even came up with a great new TV ad idea for one of our clients while I was in there."

Well, we'll try anything once so we're off to grab a towel and a sponge. We're not entirely sure, though, that this idea will wash.