DIARY: Siewet proves himself a champion in noble sport of pea-throwing

You know you've sold your soul to the client when you're prepared to do the strangest things at the drop of a hat just to please them.

Take Alex Siewet, an account director at Farm, who, keen to do the right thing by the organic food company The Little Big Company, traipsed down to the annual pea-throwing contest at the Lewes Arms in Sussex to "help out" and earn some brownie points.

The contest involves getting drunk and lobbing frozen peas down an alleyway.

But such was the frenzy of excitement that our plucky hero decided to roll up his sleeves and have a go.

Several throws - and a few ales - later, Siewet emerged not only as the champion pea-chucker, but as Farm's only staffer to get themselves in the Guinness Book of Records.

"I managed 35.4 metres - way over last year's winning throw. I got to hold the trophy too, before it went back on the pub shelf," he burbled, a little over-enthusiastically, if you ask us.