Diary: Sigh of relief as Frosties ad rumours die a death

As a gift for his wife and daughter, Billy Mawhinney, the creative director at Leo Burnett, has arranged for the pair to appear in the latest Kellogg ad for Rice Krispies.

However, Diary would like to offer the creative a note of caution for his actions, considering that the boy who appeared in the last Frosties ad - you know the one: "They're gonna taste great, they're gonna taste great" - ended up at the centre of a number of rumours, all of which involved him being dead.

One of them saw the unfortunate lad being killed at the hands of school bullies, while another had him taking his own life because he was being mercilessly bullied.

Even more far-fetched was a rumour that the boy was already dead and had been inserted into the commercial posthumously by his grieving dad. This was also given as the reason why the lad's singing was so flat and the dancing at the end so out of synch.

However, Kellogg has made a statement confirming that all of the rumours are untrue and that the boy is alive and well in his native South Africa.