Diary: Sir Martin keeps schtum over tying the knot again

All the recent talk about pre-nups causes Diary to wonder whether the dealmaker extraordinaire Sir Martin Sorrell has struck one with the new lady in his life.

You may remember the WPP chief executive's £30 million divorce settlement with his first wife, Sandra, hitting the headlines three years ago.

Now, according to the Evening Standard, Sorrell, 63, has just tied the knot again, having secretly wed Cristiana Falcone, the Italian-Swiss head of the media and entertainment industry section of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Diary, of course, wishes them both a long and happy marriage.

What, though, do you buy as a wedding present for a couple where the groom picked up more than £3 million in pay and shares last year?

Presumably not a set of cutlery, a SodaStream or a Magimix.