Diary: Sit in the Lotus position

Yet another of your media agency's major accounts about to review? Why not take it out on the racetrack, The Stig-style.

BBC Magazines is giving media people the chance to race round the official Top Gear race track in a Lotus, get their lap times on a leaderboard and receive some feedback from The Stig himself.

So far, Manning Gottlieb OMD's Lewis Shaw tops the boy racers with a time of 1 min 33 secs, closely followed by Mindshare's Paul Thomas with 1 min 34 secs. But they won't stay unchallenged for long. We're sure high-pressured industry types will be clamouring to get some post-traumatic pitch therapy on the track this year. The challenge is being dubbed "Agency Star in a Reasonably Fast Car" and you can check out the competition on www.agencystar.co.uk.