DIARY: Size is not everything as Campbell found at his RKCR leaving bash

When it comes to advertising parties, size matters. Since Grey's huge party - 500 people - in September, there's only been one way to go, and that's bigger.

Step forward Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, which turned ten this autumn, and knew, post-Grey, that it had to go large. They invited 900, yes that's 900, of their closest friends for an evening of drinking, dancing and, well, drinking and dancing.

The evening culminated in Jim Kelly and MT Rainey demonstrating not only how much they love each other, but that being swallowed up by WPP has not chipped away at their groovy hotshop credentials. Unfortunately, they chose pole-dancing as their vehicle.

Groovy it wasn't. In fact, as one embarrassed agency staffer put it: "It was like watching your parents dance, I had to keep looking away."

The night was also designed to bid a fond farewell to Robert Campbell, who is off to McCann-Erickson. Surrounded constantly by pretty young things, Campbell appeared to enjoy the evening despite Kelly and Rainey's efforts.