DIARY: Sky's chief resorts to monkey business in battle with ITV Digital

In the big, bad world, what normally happens when one enormous

company decides to do something radical and change its name? Why, its

rivals gang up for a mud-slinging, low-down and dirty bid to make it

look as silly as possible.

But not in the cuddly world of telly. When the boss of ITV Digital,

Stuart Prebble, turned up to work the day the company unveiled itself in

all its rebranded glory, a lovely present awaited him, from bezze mate

and BSkyB chairman, Tony Ball.

The Sky chairman, overwhelmed by the unadulterated fun of ITV Digital's

rebranding campaign, which features another favourite from the toy

cupboard at Mother, decided to do the only polite thing in the

circumstances and sent Prebble a crate of bananas.

The loves at ITV Digital claim it was all jolly friendly, with the

bananas meant to feed those hungry woolly monkeys. Other, less

charitable observers claim it's a signal that Prebble would have to be

bananas to run a campaign like that.