Diary: Did slagging off Aleks get Peter Jones a good time?

Aleksandr Orlov, the Meerkat with no comparison, has come under fire from The Guardian for being a puppet in a racist hate campaign.

Peter Jones, a contributor to the lefty daily, last week wrote a column in which he rants about his girlfriend finding the ads racist because the whole premise is to make fun of how Ukrainians say "market".

Unfortunately for Jones, commentators on his diatribe failed to agree with his skewed opinion.

CJUnderwood said: "Are you and the people you know actually offended by this ad? But perhaps more importantly, are you being paid to write this twaddle?"

While Colinthestoat simply said: "Don't be so silly."

Although, the most insightful comment came from Spectre- overeurope with: "Don't forget, it was on behalf of his girlfriend. Some blokes will do just about anything to get laid."