DIARY: Slimline stand-in has a dizzying debut in F1

Did anyone see that BMP DDB ad last week for The Guardian's Formula One supplement? It focused on the rules the Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone, has brought in to make the sport more exciting. It's the one that shows an F1 driver coming in to a pit stop. The driver gets out of the car and is spun around five times by his team. He then gets back in and drives off.

Well, what you won't know is the driver in that ad was actually just a hired helper, who came to BMP's rescue when the agency realised the original driver was too portly.

However, disaster soon struck when, after 30 takes and about 150 spins, the poor sod drove off in a dizzy haze, straight into a crash barrier at high speed. Fortunately, he was fine (but we wouldn't want to have been the person who had to launder his racing suit).

Now, you might think sending a novice out in a F1 racing car after spinning him around more than 100 times is a tad irresponsible. We couldn't possibly comment.