Diary: Smells like team spirit as Bruce Haines dons a bra

The tradition of a summer party as a reward for hard work over the first half of the year is one that is practised by many agencies. And Leo Burnett is no different.

However, where Burnett does differ from much of adland is in the speed with which it is happy to encourage its staff to cross dress.

This year's Burnett summer party saw the entire agency getting involved in an It's a Knockout-style activity day. Teams of 12 - who were all named after sweets such as Jelly Tots, Love Hearts and Tutti Frutti - from all areas of the agency took each other on in a cavalcade of ridiculous contests, designed to both humiliate and entertain.

As with the TV show, many of the games required the contestants to dress up in ridiculous costumes, such as giant ducks with huge flippers and beaks, or in the case of the chief executive, Bruce Haines, an oversized pink bra.

This game involved Haines attempting to complete a bouncy castle obstacle course, while carrying two water balloons inside the bra without bursting them. By all accounts he warmed to this task like an oversized duck to water.

However, Diary wants to know how often these sorts of shenanigans take place at Burnett, because nobody seems the slightest bit phased that the boss man is still wearing lingerie, despite the fact that no-one else is.