Diary: Smelly garden shed up for rent - any bidders?

More news of those mustard-keen creatives Conrad Swanston and Alex Bingham who have regularly been gracing the Diary pages these past few weeks.

You may recall that they were the team that sat up all night photocopying £36,000 from a £20 note to persuade Graham Fink, the M&C Saatchi creative chief, to give them a job. It worked - although Diary assumes Fink saw what he thought was some half-decent creative work too.

Now that the pair have moved up the accommodation ladder, the creative department garden shed they'd used while on placement is being advertised to let on eBay.

This will be very much a short-term arrangement. Just a week, in fact. Whether or not a wannabe creative team gets use of it for longer depends on them.

The only stipulation is that the bidders must be a student team with a portfolio. Money raised by the auction (it stood at £43 at the start of the week) will go to Nabs.

Swanston and Bingham were in the shed, which can accommodate a couple of medium-sized desks and two medium-sized creatives to match, for six months. "It's really important you get on with your partner," Swanston says. "After all, smells do happen."